Friday, September 9, 2011

September 6 - September 9

What an exciting week in sixth grade!  In the lead-up to the big homecoming game, students enthusiastically participated in Spirit Week.  From Crazy Hat Day to Jersey Day, we really enjoyed the opportunity to display our creativity.  Without a doubt, the best day was 60's Day on Friday.  Many of the sixth graders chose to dress like their favorite Greaser or Soc and brought The Outsiders to life.

Speaking of The Outsiders, we spent time creating personality profiles for the six main characters of the book.  Each character was labeled and accompanied by a paragraph illustrating how that label fit.  Additionally, students created alternate settings for the novel.  For example, instead of the urban 60's, what would the novel be like if it were taking placing in the future, the Wild West, or even during the Renaissance?  One thing we noted was that no matter how much some things would have changed, others would have stayed exactly the same.

We really dug our heels into the text this week.  We did a deep reading of Chapter 2 and examined the many layers of a well-written text.  After many class discussions, a PowerPoint, and even some YouTube videos we feel we are ready for Chapter 3.

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