Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 13 - February 16th

On February 13, Student Leadership kicked off Random Acts of Kindness week. They began by wearing self-designed t-shirts over their uniforms that promoted the week. The goal of the activity was for students and staff to commit their own random and personal acts of kindness throughout the week. These did not have to be big, but instead were expected to be simple. Picking up dropped books, holding a door, discarding hallway trash, or even smiling at parents on tour all constituted acts of kindness. Advising teachers reinforced this activity throughout the week by introducing their own ideas and even weaving the theme into their lesson plans. It also proved to be a great time to remind students that kindness is one of the tenets of our Common Trust. Every time a student committed an act of kindness, he or she made a chain link that described what was done. These were attached together and strung from the dining room ceiling. Additionally, during lunch, student leaders recited related quotes and asked daily discussion questions. Students were able to provide responses to the question at the podium during lunch announcements. It proved to be a great week with many students doing their best to create their own random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.

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