Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PK Picnic

Checking out my room - Click for photo gallery
Monday, I was very fortunate to have Mrs. MacKie and Mrs. Bach's PK class visit my room during second period.  It was Henry's (my son's) day to bring a healthy snack to share with his classmates and time for their next picnic outing.  Carrying a basket and a blanket, the children arrived without a peep.  In fact, I didn't even hear them walking down the hall!  Before getting down to the very important business of enjoying their picnic, the PKers spent time exploring my room, sitting in my chair, and looking at pictures of Henry and his brother, Trevor.  Once they familiarized themselves with the new environment, they were ready to eat.  Prior to their arrival, they had worked up quite an appetite during gym.  Since I did not have sixth grade students at the time, the PKers quickly turned aside their blanket in favor of sitting in the big kids' desks, and they waited patiently while their teachers passed out trail mix and waters.  Spending time with such a polite, inquisitive, and happy group of children lightened my mood that day.   What a refreshing way to start off the week!

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  1. Looks like fun! Perhaps there's an opportunity for the 6th graders to work with the PK'ers on a project? I'm a big proponent of any type of cross division interaction- it's one of the things that makes USM special and I think it's great for the kids to have the opportunity...