Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day!

Convocation 2013! - Click for gallery

Welcome back!  There is nothing better than having the school filled with students once again - the energy and excitement of learning bubbles throughout the campus.  Like the kids, I am very excited to start a new year.  I have some new ideas, as well as some tried and true ones, that I hope will motivate your children to write and read well.  Most significantly, I believe that teaching composition and literature together is a natural fit and will strengthen communication and critical thinking skills.  We will read many books, write everyday, read like writers, and write like readers.

We began the year with a community building activity.  Students were given Play-Doh and pipe cleaners and asked to create an object that represented themselves.  Once it was constructed, they had to share it with the class and explain its significance.  I admired their creativity and thoughtfulness. Finally, students completed a written reflection regarding today's activity.  Reflective writing is arguably the most important process due to its metacognitive nature.  Students had to think about their thinking! It was a great day, albeit an exhausting one, and I cannot wait until tomorrow!

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