Friday, May 31, 2013

Original Myths

Students Present Original Myths - click for gallery
Over the last two weeks, students have been presenting their original myths.  These stories represented their cumulative understanding of the elements of a myth, character and plot development, and the importance of setting.  Most importantly, the students set out to do what the Greeks had done 2700 years ago - explain natural phenomena with minimal scientific knowledge and technology.  I must say, the creativity was extraordinary.  Topics ranged from the butterfly to continental drift, and the explanations for each were equally broad.  Kids were excited to share, and it was an enjoyable and engaging experience for everyone!

Cupcakes for the Entire Sixth Grade!

We are wrapping up the Sunflower Club today.  Students are committing their last acts of kindness and writing their final posts and comments on the blog.  Maybe I am just imagining things, but I feel like there is a excitement on the third floor about doing good.  Kids are taking initiative and carefully considering what they may have overlooked before.  From cleaning up messes in the lunchroom to donating to Red Cross to completing chores without being asked, students have been taking Stargirl's mentorship to heart.   It has been a great experience for all involved.  The kids have reported that they feel good about what they are doing, and parents have been equally positive.  In fact, one mom indicated how great it was to have the coffee made in the morning!

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