Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tugging at Your Heart Strings

Have you been holding out on buying your preteen an iPhone? Dog? TV for her bedroom? Don’t be surprised if she tries to persuade you once again in the near future (please accept my apologies in advance). Sixth grade composition students dug their heels into persuasive advertising techniques this week. Authors are working diligently on creating impassioned and logical arguments to test your resolve. From bandwagon to weasel words, students studied ads, brought in examples found in magazines, and identified techniques found in ones I presented to the class. They are experimenting with each of the persuasive techniques in order to find the one that they feel will best resonate with their audience. We all agreed that emotional ads tend to sway our opinions most strongly. What will it be for you?

Last week, writers put the finishing touches on their “Where I’m From” poems. Inspired by George Ella Lyon’s famous poem of the same name, the pieces describe the memories that define who we have become. Take a moment to read some of these powerful and beautiful poems.

Literature students have embarked upon their latest project – writing original myths. They learned that myths were often used to explain either natural phenomena or the human condition and are being challenged to create their own myths that do the same. While they are required to write a story, it can take a number of different forms. Students are considering the written word, read alouds, videos, and skits to name a few. It will be exciting to see where their creativity takes them!

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